Zack Knight – Twinks for Cash

Porn Star: Zack Knight
Videos From: Twinks for Cash

Zack Knight, in this episode of Twinks for Cash, is tricked into believing he is shooting modeling pictures for a European catalog, but instead he will take part in an awesome gay threesome. Zack thinks he is on the fast track to becoming a model, but his dreams are short-lived when he gets told to suck on a big dick for more greens. They soon get him naked with loads of cash in his hand and the boy is going to do whatever he needs to get more money. First stripping for the camera, he lose no time and gets his tongue around his partner’s big and juicy cock while another twink gets down on him. What will he do for money? Fuck that ass with his huge hard-on of course. And there goes the cash for being the head of the gay skewer and seasoning the meat with his special cum sauce. He was told to bring his passport and had his mind filled with stories of Paris, New York and Milan, but the only trip he took was on the Sodomy Express. And at the final destination everybody got off! Watch these two dudes perverting this naive model into doing hot anal gay sex and fellatio for loads of money in this Twinks for Cash video trailer.

Zack Knight - Twinks for Cash

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