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Tom is a very good looking twink that will discover the joy of gay sex in this Twinks for cash movie. He just came to LA from Idaho and has no idea what these two fellows have in store for him. Even tought he is straight, just shine a few bucks under his nose and he will get in position to have his glory hole abused in a threesome. Idaho will then be transformed into “I A Ho”. The interview begin with Tom doing his best dick-sucking lips for the camera. He has no idea what’s expected of him before being presented with a big boner to suck on. He still doesn’t get the concept of the movie he’s auditioning for but he really wants the part so he close his mouth around the gigantic wand and does an Oscar worthy¬†performance. These fake movie producers will then lurk Tom into having his first anal gay sex by waving money and filling his crack with dough to tear his ass up. Unfortunaly for Tom, the only star that will be discovered this afternoon is his darkstar. See this naive twinks from Idaho getting fucked by two massive dicks in this Twinks for Cash movie.

Tom - Twinks for Cash

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