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Turn your volume on for the moaning fest in this Mr. Big’s Adventures episode in Hawaii where he meet Todd, a 19 year old horndog from Florida who couldn’t wait to get a taste of his famous 12 inch dick in his mouth but even more in his ass. While in vacation in Hawaii, Mr. Big approached him on the beach and offered to buy him a drink. Which lead to more drinks while they spend the day under the hot sun. When it got dark, they got back to Mr. Big’s place for some dinner. Having lost all inhibition with the help of alcohol, Todd said “sure” with a smile on his face and begin to blowjob his 12 inch dick while making a lot of suction noise, just like Mr. Big likes it! You should see this twink deepthroat his massive wand and paying attention to the whole penis, which is like a special threat for a guy as huge as him. Mr. Big rewarded Todd by stuffing his face into his ass, rimming him while he moaned in sexual pleasure, teasing his pink starfish with his tongue and licking his crack like an ice cream cone. Todd was extremely horny after that rim job so Mr. Big didn’t made him wait much longer and pushed his big cock into his saliva lubricated anus on the dining table, banging his balls against his hot flesh. Watch Todd getting fucked in the ass by Mr. Big’s 12 inch dick in this HD and exclusive Mr. Big’s Adventures gallery.

Todd - Mr. Big's Adventures

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