Endurance Jack Review

Endurance Jack – Last longer and prolong your pleasure

Endurance Jack - Mouth

Endurance Jack – Mouth

Endurance Jack makes you practice controlling your ejaculation so you last longer. Seems silly for a sex toy… cumming isn’t it to be achieve with this type of device? In fact, it is, but only when you WANT to shoot your load. Not after a few thrusts of your pecker in his love hole. Yeah… you know who you are…

Porno actors have all hours of practice receiving head and fucking. The problem with ejaculation is that there’s never been an effective way to train… until the Endurance Jack. This FleshJack was designed to prolong sex and help you develop your sexual stamina and technique. It can go as far as to cure premature ejaculation with regular usage.

The Endurance Jack features the Stamina masturbation sleeve, same as the Speed Bump Fleshjack Masturbation Sleeve. In the tight canal, you will find hundreds of soft massaging beads to challenge your longevity. First, the very intense sensation made me blow my load in no time, but with frequent exercise and a lot of willpower I was able to last longer. If you can resist orgasm with the extreme pleasure given by this sex toys, you will certainly be a God in the sack. Be prepared to fuck all right.

FleshJack’s sleeves are made of Superskin, a patented high-quality material that is not latex, rubber or silicone. This material is designed to replicate the sensation of real skin, so it’s totally pliable.

The Endurance Jack comes in sleek silver case that looks like a giant flashlight. In your package, you get the Endurance Jack sleeve in its case. FleshJack sometime throws water based lube as an extra so you might get lucky.

Canal Diameter: 1/2 inch
Length: 10 inches
Diameter: 4 inches to 2.5 inches

* By the makers of the #1 selling male sex toy in the world, Flesh Jack

Endurance Jack Ass

Endurance Jack Sleeve

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