Sex toys for gay men

We review the best sex toys for gay men.

IceJack – the most popular Fleshjack to date


Ice Jack - Mouth

Ice Jack – Mouth

IceJack is the most popular FleshJack and we understand why. The Ice Jack is the same as the original pink FleshJack but with an added bonus for your voyeuristic self; you can see your own mastubation trought the transparent sleeve and insert.

FleshJack’s sleeves are made of Superskin, a patented high-quality material designed to replicate the sensation of real skin. It doesn’t contain any latex, rubber or silicone. It is pliable and comes in different texture depending of which sensation you are trying to obtain: fellatio, anal sex or super intense sex with tight, ribbed or smooth texture. Those who prefer receiving blowjob can choose the mouth or for those who prefer anal delight, there is the ass sleeve. Personally, I prefer the look of the mouth over my dick but the little tight butt comes close second. The clear version of the Flesh Jack called the Ice Jack allows you to watch as you move in and out of your sex toy and witness yourself cumming! Available in several inner textures, the Ice Jack comes complete with a clear masturbation sleeve and clear case.

* By the makers of the #1 selling male sex toy in the world, Flesh Jack

IceJack Ass IceJack Butt

IceJack Hole IceJack Hole

Bad-Boy – For when it feels so good that it’s BAD!


Male G-Spot - Bad-Boy

Male G-Spot – Bad-Boy

Bad-Boy is the new male toy from FleshJack based on the famous Rude-Boy to stimulate the male G-spot. Like his predecesor, his action combine a prostate and perineum stimulator but with added contours to provide a more fulfilling sensation for the more experienced user.

This sex toys for men is easy to clean after use. Just take out the RO-80MM Power Bullet and clean the silicone toy like usual under running water. The material of the Bad-Boy is soft and flexible medical grade silicone, which is very comfortable to use and 100% hypoallergenic.

– Male G-Spot stimulator with dual stimulation of the prostate and the perineum
– Unique design that allows hands-free pleasure; just sit and enjoy!
– Easy to use and easier to clean
– Strong, silent vibration (powered by the removable RO-80mm bullet)
– Made from soft and flexible medical grade silicone, 100% hypoallergenic
– 100% Waterproof
– Tip to bullet is 11.25” and insertable is about 7.5”, with a width ranging from 1.25” at the tip to 2” at the widest bottom “bump” and 1.5” at the base.

Just lube that baby up and let it show you who’s the bad boy now!

Bad-Boy Diagram Bad-Boy Diagram

Removable RO-80mm bullet Removable RO-80mm bullet

Nexus Vibro – The first ever male G-Spot massager with microchip technology


Male G-Spot - Nexus Vibro

Male G-Spot – Nexus Vibro

Orgasm with style! The trendy packaged Nexus Vibro is the first ever male G-Spot massager with microchip technology. So now you’re wondering how can a microchip rock your world and send you to pleasure land? It’s easy. This luxurious male sex toys has five powerful vibration settings controlled by a custom made microchip that “tunes in” to your G-spot, resulting in the most powerful orgasm you ever had. Technology makes everything better, trust me.

With a ribbed shaft, pebble shaped head and a hand made stainless steel prostate bullet, the Nexus Vibro is shaped to stimulate the entire anal canal. Made from medical grade polypropylene, it is the first vibrating male G-Spot massager from Nexus, known for their terrific quality and stylish design. The Vibro works by gently vibrating the prostate gland with its multi-speed prostate “bullet”, powered by a 6 volt battery. This unique prostate stimulator will give you breathtaking G-Spot orgasm.

– Hand made stainless steel casing
– Touch button activation
– Powered by a long lasting 6 volt battery
– Customized microchip that tunes in with your g-spot
– Water resistant and easy to clean
– Multi Prostate Vibrational Settings

Size – Insertable Length
4.5 inches (11.5cm)

Size – Shaft Diameter
1.3 inches (3.2cm) Thickest point

3.5 inches (9cm) Thickest point

Hundreds of thousands of men’s g-spot have been stimulated by the Nexus Vibro around the world. Doesn’t your butt deserve the best?

Nexus Vibro packaging Nexus Vibro Packaging

Nexus Vibro details Nexus Vibro details


Endurance Jack – Last longer and prolong your pleasure

Endurance Jack - Mouth

Endurance Jack – Mouth

Endurance Jack makes you practice controlling your ejaculation so you last longer. Seems silly for a sex toy… cumming isn’t it to be achieve with this type of device? In fact, it is, but only when you WANT to shoot your load. Not after a few thrusts of your pecker in his love hole. Yeah… you know who you are…

Porno actors have all hours of practice receiving head and fucking. The problem with ejaculation is that there’s never been an effective way to train… until the Endurance Jack.

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