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Porn Star: RC Ryan, Baileey
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RC Ryan & Baileey become more than gym buddy in this Hot Muscle Dudes video. They work hard and heavy to keep their muscles toned and firm. Their tattooed arms bulge under the effort of heavy weightlifting as their cocks will bulge later on. But when Baileey, who is a massage therapist, begins to work on RC Ryan’s sore parts, his dick become as hard as his muscles. He starts by rubbing oil all over his hot body, taking his time to move his hands over RC’s chiseled chest with firm pressure, squeezing his pecs as he feels his erected nipples. He then continues south of the border by rubbing his muscular legs before he comes up again caring for his private parts. RC wastes no time and takes off his gym clothes for Baileey to see his huge erection and massage it too. Baileey rubs RC’s shaved balls with oil and works his magic hands on his big hard schlong. He can’t get enough of his partner amazing body and starts to lick him everywhere, his nipples, his lips and finally his erected penis. RC moans in pleasure as Baileey blowjob him hard and deep and finally cums in ecstasy. Watch RC Ryan and Baileey, two gay ripped men, touching each other at the gym before blowing dicks in the locker room in this Hot Muscle Dudes free movie.

RC Ryan, Baileey - Hot Muscle Dudes

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