Kyle Stevens – His First Huge Cock

Porn Star: Kyle Stevens
Videos From: His First Huge Cock

Kyle Stevens is a police officer who gets his first shaft in the ass in this His First Huge cock free movie. Following a tip, he inspects a basement dungeon where several toys are scattered around. He is ready to cite Sam for a huge violation which mean he could be in a lot of trouble. Sam tried to get out of it by asking if he could do something for the uniform man. The police isn’t into bribe but he could take a peek at Sam’s hot ass and calling it quit. So Sam drops his pants and puts his buttom in the air for Kyle to penetrate him with a huge black rubber dick. The policeman finds his groove and talks dirty calling Sam a queer while abusing his anus. He is on a power trip violating Sam instead of taking care of his violations. The tables are quickly turned when another guy films the police officer doing the nasty on work hours while in uniform. He quickly asks the guy to give him back the film but he isn’t buying it. In order for the guy to not reveal his kinky penchant, he will have to do what the gay dudes tell him to do, which is offering his ass to be stretched by Sam’s huge baton. The police officer is sodomized by a big cock for the first time while is face is contracted with pain. But he watch in horror as he will have to do one more thing for them, to have a huge butt plug inserted into his asshole. Watch a police officer getting his virgin ass fucked in this His First Huge Cock trailer.

Kyle Stevens His First Huge Cock

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RC Ryan, Baileey – Hot Muscle Dudes

Porn Star: RC Ryan, Baileey
Videos From: Hot Muscle Dudes

RC Ryan & Baileey become more than gym buddy in this Hot Muscle Dudes video. They work hard and heavy to keep their muscles toned and firm. Their tattooed arms bulge under the effort of heavy weightlifting as their cocks will bulge later on. But when Baileey, who is a massage therapist, begins to work on RC Ryan’s sore parts, his dick become as hard as his muscles. He starts by rubbing oil all over his hot body, taking his time to move his hands over RC’s chiseled chest with firm pressure, squeezing his pecs as he feels his erected nipples. He then continues south of the border by rubbing his muscular legs before he comes up again caring for his private parts. RC wastes no time and takes off his gym clothes for Baileey to see his huge erection and massage it too. Baileey rubs RC’s shaved balls with oil and works his magic hands on his big hard schlong. He can’t get enough of his partner amazing body and starts to lick him everywhere, his nipples, his lips and finally his erected penis. RC moans in pleasure as Baileey blowjob him hard and deep and finally cums in ecstasy. Watch RC Ryan and Baileey, two gay ripped men, touching each other at the gym before blowing dicks in the locker room in this Hot Muscle Dudes free movie.

RC Ryan, Baileey - Hot Muscle Dudes

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Kiko Hyde, Dominik – His First Gay Sex

Porn Stars: Kiko Hyde, Dominik
Videos From: His First Gay Sex

Kiko Hyde and Dominik are two struggling DJ’s in a club when they received a kinky proposition, to have their first gay sex in exchange for money right there in the back room. At first Dominik thought the stranger was joking because they were heterosexuals. But when the guy reinstated his offer and put the money on the table, the gay virgins wasted no time in getting their huge cocks into each others hungry mouths. They acquired the taste for nice sized dicks right away, tasting every inch of their meaty rod and learned how to move their mouth up and down around a hot guy large and cummy penis. Kiko got between Dominik legs and began to lick is tight asshole, rimming his backdoor carefully and enjoying every minute of it. When they were both horny as hell, they began to kiss furiously between sessions of cock sucking before Kiko spread Dominik’s legs, put his butt in the air and ravaged his virgin butthole with his massive boner. They switched to a missionary ass fuck before Kiko shot his load of cum over Dominik shaved balls and hard penis. Watch Kiko Hyde and Dominik turning more than just tables in this free episode of His First Gay Sex where they blowjob on their first wang and get penetrated for the first time.

Kiko Hyde, Dominik - His First Gay Sex

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Tyler Davis – Twinks for Cash

Porn Star: Tyler Davis
Videos From: Twinks for Cash

Tyler Davis sucks a guy rod and gets fucked by his friend for 200 dollars in this Twinks for Cash free video. The guys were fooling around on the beach when they were approached by a stranger asking them what was up. Not much was going on since they were broke. So he offered Tyler Davis a deal, to come back to his hotel to have sex with his friend. Tyler figured he could do that for money. He began by feeling his friend’s dick between his lips, covering it with spit. He didn’t think his cock would be so huge but he still managed to take it all in his mouth. He then saddled up to ride his friend’s boner as he got his buns split by a big cock! He wished he took things slowly because it was the first time a dude screwed his ass but his partner felt more like stabbing his bum. When he felt the pressure building, he went under his friend’s dick so he could come all over him. Tyler received white and thick semen in his pretty face. He was so covered in jizz that he couldn’t see the stranger dropping 200 bucks on his chest. Watch Tyler Davis and his friend having their first gay sex in this Twinks for Cash free movie.

Zack Knight - Twinks for Cash

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Todd – Mr. Big’s Adventures

Porn Star: Todd
Videos From: Mr. Big’s Adventures

Turn your volume on for the moaning fest in this Mr. Big’s Adventures episode in Hawaii where he meet Todd, a 19 year old horndog from Florida who couldn’t wait to get a taste of his famous 12 inch dick in his mouth but even more in his ass. While in vacation in Hawaii, Mr. Big approached him on the beach and offered to buy him a drink. Which lead to more drinks while they spend the day under the hot sun. When it got dark, they got back to Mr. Big’s place for some dinner. Having lost all inhibition with the help of alcohol, Todd said “sure” with a smile on his face and begin to blowjob his 12 inch dick while making a lot of suction noise, just like Mr. Big likes it! You should see this twink deepthroat his massive wand and paying attention to the whole penis, which is like a special threat for a guy as huge as him. Mr. Big rewarded Todd by stuffing his face into his ass, rimming him while he moaned in sexual pleasure, teasing his pink starfish with his tongue and licking his crack like an ice cream cone. Todd was extremely horny after that rim job so Mr. Big didn’t made him wait much longer and pushed his big cock into his saliva lubricated anus on the dining table, banging his balls against his hot flesh. Watch Todd getting fucked in the ass by Mr. Big’s 12 inch dick in this HD and exclusive Mr. Big’s Adventures gallery.

Todd - Mr. Big's Adventures

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Alex – Pop Boys

Porn Star: Alex
Videos From: Pop Boys

Alex is nineteen and dreams to become a pop star so he is ready to do anything to get into the business, including sucking the manager’s cock and getting fucked in this ass. This young boy came ready to the interview, bringing a cock lace. So the manager was pleasantly surprised when Alex tried to seduce him. Usually, the manager has to trick the young guys into undressing and getting down with it, but Alex’s attitude toward gay sex was refreshing. The manager used the chance and showed the boy how the cock lace should be used and more. Alex was taught the kind of pleasure that can be brought from an experienced lover like his partner to a young twink like him. When the manager introduced his big horn into Alex’s tight hole, his anal muscles resisted for a minute before relaxing. He started moaning in pleasure when the manager started the rocking motion of his dick into Alex’s brown eye. It didn’t hurt like Alex taught it would because the manager’s pole was well greased from his own saliva. Prior to the anal sex, Alex spent a great deal of time sucking on his partner’s penis. His boner was then shoved in as deep as only him could. The boy was fucked in all kinds of positions, and he enjoyed that! The last act was shooting gooey loads on his tongue which flowed down, mixing with his saliva. Watch Alex getting screw and getting love juice down his throat in this Pop Boys free gallery.

Alex - PopBoys

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Ian, Ace – Internally Gay

Porn Stars: Ian and Ace
Videos From: Internally Gay

Ace unloads his creamy jizz inside Ian’s asshole in this sizzling Internally Gay free gallery. Ian wastes no time in undressing Ace’s perfect body for steaming gay sex action. You should see how the sight of Ace’s naked muscular body is making him hard big time. Ian licks Ace’s erection like a lollipop while Ace moans in sheer pleasure. He sucks on his balls and swirl his tongue around the top of his shaft. He goes for hour giving head before Ace blows his load into his ass. When he is about to explode, he teases him once more with a hand job before getting on all four and spreading. He puts his dirty little fingers in his mouth and brings them to his pooper to lubricate it with his saliva. Ace then pushes his rod into Ian’s butt hole. He bangs him really good and Ian screams in delight. Ace never expected Ian’s hole to be so tight that he can’t refrain from coming inside his tight ass. His anus is left moist and quivering with fresh semen coming out of his raunchy, juicy and dripping hole. Watch these two gays bake their own special cum pie in this Internally Gay gallery.

Ian, Ace - Internally Gay

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James Hawk, Trent Davis – Randy Blue

Porn Stars: James Hawk and Trent Davis
Videos From: Randy Blue

James Hawk and Trent Davis meet for the first time in this hot gay sex video on Randy Blue and it’s an instant fucking connection. Trent notices how good James looks with his light brown hair, golden tanned skin and sexy southern accent. But what is more amazing is the sight of his huge penis and his toned butt. Trent being the sex freak that he is, loses no time and gives it his all for the camera. There is a lot of dirty talk and aggressive fucking going on in this bed that will make you beg for more. First there are off to steamy foreplay kissing and caressing each other with their tongues and gently nibbling on their erected nipples. James then reach for Trent’s crotch and unzips him to reveal a gigantic boner that is only a boxer fabric away from his mouth. James definitely takes control and you can tell that Trent is more than happy to give a good show. Trent first sits on James’ dick before changing position for a doggy style. He gets his butthole pumped really hard like an anal rampage. He bends over on the bed to have his partner’s schlong tight squeezed between his butt cheeks. Trent climaxes and then cums all over James like an effing geyser. It’s amazing how powerful his cum shot is! James reply by shooting his own load all over Trent’s cum covered chest. Watch this video of two very naughty boy sucking dicks and penetrating tight anus in this Randy Blue exclusive trailer

James Hawk and Trent Davis Randy Blue

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