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Porn Star: Johnny Castle
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Johnny Castle is making a private male solo show for his boss in this Movie Monster Gay video, masturbating for his avid watcher and unloading his cum all over his desk. He sure takes his time to take off his clothes in the most sensuous way, making sure to caress his muscular body and play with his hard nipples. He is such an attention whore as he gets off just playing with himself and doing his little exhibitionist show for his gay voyeur boss. Do you think he will get a raise after his solo action? His boss is not one to give away money easily so Johny Castle will have to work hard to rise in the company. Working hard on his cock that is! Muscle man has been pumping iron to get these abs and this hard butt so his reward is to show them off to his mouth drooling watcher. He continues his strip show by caressing his muscular pecs and his shaved chest. He sure knows how to please the crowd before jacking his junk. He plays with his boss as he plays with his cock, using it as a rattle while stroking his engorged balls. He finishes off by unloading his male juice all over his boss’ desk. Will he finally get the promotion? We definitely think he deserves it! Watch Johnny Castle masturbating in a solo strip show in this Movie Monster Gay gallery.

Johnny Castle - Movie Monster Gay

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