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Jeff Palmer gets all sexed up on the beach in this raw gay porn movie. The settings are gorgeous as he is. He sets up a passionate mood naked on a blanket on the beach where he plays with his privates to turn on his fuck buddy. His partner can’t stand to not participate so he joins the fun and starts rubbing his dick against Jeff’s huge cock. They masturbate each other, going up and down on their massive pole, moaning in sheer joy. Then they kiss under the stars at the sound of the crickets. Jeff is on his back with his knees past his ears, exposing his bottom for his partner to penetrate with his hard on. His lover surfs up his ass really good with his lubed schlong. They then switch position and Jeff Palmer goes on top while the other guy gets on all four and they resume the bareback butt fucking. He finishes his friend with an ass-to-mouth and receives a warm load of cum all over his face. Watch a video of the cumshot and the bareback gay anal sex movie Jeff Palmer Raw in this Movie Monster Gay gallery.

Jeff Palmer Raw - Gay Hardcore

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