James Hamilton & Dallas Reeves – Hot Muscle Dudes

Porn Star: James Hamilton & Dallas Reeves
Videos From: Hot Muscle Dudes

James Hamilton and Dallas Reeves are two gorgeous muscle guys that work out each other’s massive dicks in this Hot Muscle Dudes video. These two lean mean machines play a show off game. First James wants Dallas to acknowledge hot cut he is but his friend has something else in mind for him as he strips down to his underwear. Dallas teases him by saying he is not fitted as he is and shows him what he got under his shirt. Now who of these two toned gay men is more muscular?  The attention is quickly drawned from pecs to dicks as James’ schlong is left hanging out of his boxer for everyone to see his huge erection. I guess this show off game got him all excited. The old “See but don’t touch” is not required in this garage as Dallas is prompted to touch the merchandise. After seeing it, why not sucking it? Looks like a good idea to me! Dallas pumps his dick and suck his nuts in the van while playing with his fine ass. He then brings him over the bins to work on his anus, throbbing his asshole like a piston before spreading his cum juice over his hard dick. Watch these two having gay sex in the garage where Dallas sucks on James’ big cock before sodomising him in this Hot Muscle Dudes movie.

James Hamilton, Dallas Reeves - Hot Muscle Dudes

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