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Porn Stars: Ben Patrick, Jason Pitt, Ken Mack
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Real estate mogul Ken Mack and his new protege Ben Patrick get to fuck the home-owner’s son, Jason Pitt, in every hole after an open house. They sure know how to mix pleasure with business and get some hard cock on top of a commission. They begin by undressing the hot blonde twink on the leather couch and sucking his rod with their two tongues, passing the dick between their mouth while their partner is moaning laid down on the furniture. Ken unzips his suit pants and pushes his erected penis between Jason luscious lips while Ben is still sucking on the twink’s boner. Ben Patrick was nervous as hell at his first open house, but it quickly dissipates once he got going on the threesome with the gorgeous hunk and his hairy boss. He is taken into a sandwich while fucking Jason Pitt virgin tight hole while having his asshole violated by his mature mentor Ben Patrick. But Ben wants to taste Jason’s ass as well so he penetrates the twink while jacking off Ken’s big cock. Ken is ready to cum so he aims at the boy pretty face and unloads his jizz with a massive cumshot. This was not an ordinary day at the office for Ben Patrick and Ken Mack as they get to blowjob Jason Pitt and masturbate his huge cock in this Men Hard at Work video.

Ben Patrick, Jason Pitt, Ken Mack - Men Hard at Work

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