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Alex is nineteen and dreams to become a pop star so he is ready to do anything to get into the business, including sucking the manager’s cock and getting fucked in this ass. This young boy came ready to the interview, bringing a cock lace. So the manager was pleasantly surprised when Alex tried to seduce him. Usually, the manager has to trick the young guys into undressing and getting down with it, but Alex’s attitude toward gay sex was refreshing. The manager used the chance and showed the boy how the cock lace should be used and more. Alex was taught the kind of pleasure that can be brought from an experienced lover like his partner to a young twink like him. When the manager introduced his big horn into Alex’s tight hole, his anal muscles resisted for a minute before relaxing. He started moaning in pleasure when the manager started the rocking motion of his dick into Alex’s brown eye. It didn’t hurt like Alex taught it would because the manager’s pole was well greased from his own saliva. Prior to the anal sex, Alex spent a great deal of time sucking on his partner’s penis. His boner was then shoved in as deep as only him could. The boy was fucked in all kinds of positions, and he enjoyed that! The last act was shooting gooey loads on his tongue which flowed down, mixing with his saliva. Watch Alex getting screw and getting love juice down his throat in this Pop Boys free gallery.

Alex - PopBoys

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