Aiden James, Vincent DeSalvo – Randy Blue

Porn Stars: Aiden James and Vincent DeSalvo
Videos From: Randy Blue

Aiden James and Vincent DeSalvo get all over each other in a new video from Randy Blue. Aiden is a cool muscular guy while Vincent is hot and naughty like a sex pet. Vincent’s main talent is knowing how to make a man feel good and Aiden loves to demonstates how good it feels by moaning and enjoying every moment. Vincent begins by caressing Aiden’s huge cock and teasing his head with his wet tongue. He loves every inch of Aiden’s shaft, kissing and sucking his erection while working on his shaved balls. After minutes of long and pleasurable sex, Aiden doesn’t leave Vincent’s cock wanting for anything so he starts jerking his huge dick before giving him a blowjob. Vincent sternly guides his head from the tip of his cock all the way down the shaft, fucking his mouth and feeding at the same time. Aiden James is loving every minute of the makeout session, lapping on Vincent DeSalvo’s balls while caressing his toned body. When he is about to cum, he shoots his own huge load all over Vincent’s already cum soaked chest. Watch Aiden and Vincent kissing and sucking their dicks mutually in this raunchy Randy Blue free movie.

Aiden James, Vincent DeSalvo - Randy Blue

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