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Porn Stars: Ago Viara, Tommy Blade
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Ago Viara is looking for a job at Tommy Blade’s office, but the best offer he gets is not what he applied for. Tommy has a totally different position in mind for Ago, on all four with his ass in the air. The job isn’t very hard, but Tommy Blade sure is! First, the employee must qualify in dick sucking and balls licking, so Tommy unzips his uniform pants for Ago to show his qualification. The hot gay Italian has a real talent for blowjob. Tommy does a background check on Ago and puts him on his back on the desk. His butthole lubricated with saliva gets fingered while he masturbate. The muscular boss is still unsure if the hunk will get the position so he tests him by forcing his erected dick up his hole over the conference table. He rams his tight ass with his hard dick while his shaved balls slaps his butt. Ago gets the job when the Latino cums all over his stomach. Watch Tommy Blade interviewing Ago Viara while telling him that his job description involves steamy gay sex and ass fucking in this Men Hard at Work video.

Ago Viara, Tommy Blade - Men Hard at Work

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