Shane Erickson, Nicholas Lockwood – Gay College Sex Parties

Porn Stars: Shane Erickson, Nicholas Lockwood
Videos From: Gay College Sex Parties

Shane Erickson and Nicholas Lockwood hook up at one of these gay sex parties in a very special way. Each of the gay frat boy took turn showing their huge erected dick. The guys couldn’t get their hands off such beautiful meat so they masturbate the willing young men. Shane Erickson positioned himself in a leopard-printed sex harness, naked, with his big cock standing stiff and his legs open, waiting for a boy to suck on his dick. A gorgeous muscular black man jerks off Shane’s hard penis but since the other guys want to play with the cute twink as well, the ebony guy passes him around. A hot skater boy gets between his legs and blowjob his lubricated wang. Becoming a group orgy, Nicholas Lockwood wants to try the love swing sex toy himself so he gets in the harness and offers his butt. Shane Erickson pounds his mighty rod into the anal hole of the gay frat boy. This group sex between drunk young men was all caught on video so you can witness what went on when the gay college students got wasted near a sex harness in this hot Gay College Sex Parties video.

Shane Erickson, Nicholas Lockwood - Gay College Sex Parties

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Reese Rideout, Xander Scott, Cody Fallon – Randy Blue

Porn Stars: Reese Rideout, Xander Scott, Cody Fallon
Videos From: Randy Blue

Reese Rideout, Xander Scott and Cody Fallon, three of Randy Blue’s favorites are together for the first time on one of the hottest show I was fortunate enough to see. Watching the muscular hunks having the dirtiest gay sex together drained every drop of cum I could produce. First, it’s Cody who gets bottomed by Reese. His butt is being taken care of while he kisses the sexy Xander and gives him an handjob. Cody loves playing piggy in the threesome with Xander ramming him hard as he sucks on Reese’s huge dick. Then Reese sits behind Xander smacking his ass and pushing his hips towards Cody’ hole, giving him the fucking of his life. Then, the trio gets in a 69 position where Xander fucks Cody in the ass while he gives Reese a blowjob. This video exudes pure sex and you will sure sport a hard-on after watching the movie. See the very sexy threesome of Reese Rideout, Xander Scott and Cody Fallon, three of the best looking Randy Blue models (but what am I saying, all Randy Blue pornstar are hot!) in this raunchy Randy Blue free movie.

Reese Rideout, Xander Scott, Cody Fallon - Randy Blue

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Ago Viara, Tommy Blade – Men Hard at Work

Porn Stars: Ago Viara, Tommy Blade
Videos From: Men Hard at Work

Ago Viara is looking for a job at Tommy Blade’s office, but the best offer he gets is not what he applied for. Tommy has a totally different position in mind for Ago, on all four with his ass in the air. The job isn’t very hard, but Tommy Blade sure is! First, the employee must qualify in dick sucking and balls licking, so Tommy unzips his uniform pants for Ago to show his qualification. The hot gay Italian has a real talent for blowjob. Tommy does a background check on Ago and puts him on his back on the desk. His butthole lubricated with saliva gets fingered while he masturbate. The muscular boss is still unsure if the hunk will get the position so he tests him by forcing his erected dick up his hole over the conference table. He rams his tight ass with his hard dick while his shaved balls slaps his butt. Ago gets the job when the Latino cums all over his stomach. Watch Tommy Blade interviewing Ago Viara while telling him that his job description involves steamy gay sex and ass fucking in this Men Hard at Work video.

Ago Viara, Tommy Blade - Men Hard at Work

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Luke Riley, Parker Williams – Rookie Guys

Porn Stars: Luke Riley, Parker Williams
Videos From: Rookie Guys

Gay rookie Luke Riley realizes his fantasy of being nailed by his favorite hung stud porn star, Parker Williams. Parker’s gigantic meat hammer breaks this gay first timer with some hardcore homo ass pounding. Luke gets turn on by watching gay porn so he knows what he is getting into with Parker. To set the mood, he jerks off Parker’s big pole. The masturbation turns to blowjob and very soon, the rookie is sucking on his first gay rod. But what he really wants is to experience a nice ass fucking so Parker lubes his hole by licking it. For one of his first gay sex, the bi-curious sure gets a hard, dirty anal stuffing but he is so arroused that he is able to take it. He loves feeling a cock pumping his hot little ass and he wants to repeat as often as possible. His gay sex mentor wants to hear aloud what Luke Riley wants: “I want your cock. Fuck my ass.” So Parker slams his hard dick deep into his butthole as he moans and begs for more. Luke cums as Parker shot more cum up his ass. Watch this hot bi first sex with a gay pornstar in this Rookie Guys video.

Luke Riley, Parker Williams - Rookie Guys

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Johnny Castle, Miles, Tommy D – FleshJack

Porn Stars: Johnny Castle, Miles, Tommy D
Videos From: FleshJack Male Sex Toy

The three hunks from FleshJack, Johnny Castle, Miles and Tommy D, play with their new toy. Not a boy-toy, but an actual toy….for cock! First, pornstar Johnny Castle masturbate solo, alone in his room with nobody but the Superskin mouth going up and down on his massive shaft. He is moaning in pleasure and caressing his pecs while his dick is being stroked with his lubed men sex toy. Seeing the mouth sucking on his cock gets me really horny. Then, Miles pleasure himself with the FleshJack in the hot spa, masturbating with his flexible ass over his wet cock. I would love to be the male toy over Miles boner, gently pressing on his sex with my butt. Tommy D strips for us, lubes his shaft and push it firmly unto the FleshJack, jerking off solo with his new toy for men. I can’t help it, I just love watching Tommy D pleasuring himself, so does my cock! I’m telling you, you should grab one of those. The sensation is amazing! Watch Johnny Castle, Miles and Tommy D masturbating with a FleshJack in this FleshJack gallery. The full review of the FleshJack is available on the sex toys for gay men page.

Johnny Castle - Fleshjack

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Dave Merritt, Kyle Foxxx – Hot Jocks Nice Cocks

Porn Stars: Dave Merritt, Kyle Foxxx
Videos From: Hot Jocks Nice Cocks

Dave Merritt and Kyle Foxxx play more than a game of basketball on the court. What the two athletic boys really want to do is fuck like champions. Dave begins by swallowing Kyle’s big dick until the head of the shaft touched the back of his mouth. He pumps that cock like a hover, showing appreciation for the fine piece of ass he gets to have sex with. With all the screaming, I’m surprised the coach didn’t arrive, discovering the two hunks in a blowjob action. Dave is feeling very hot after all the sucking he did to Kyle’s erected dick so he lubricates his butthole with his own saliva and pushes Kyle’s schlong unto his rear for some red hot anal sex. He sits on the jock with his gaping hole, taking Kyle’s massive cock all in. At first, his anus stretched by the meat pole sends shivers but he soon gets accustomize to having a dick in his ass. He begs for more hard butt fucking before finishing with a hand-job that makes him cum all over his stomach. Watch Dave Merritt and Kyle Foxxx in hardcore gay sex action in this Hot Jocks Nice Cocks free movie.

Dave Merritt, Kyle Foxxx - Hot Jocks Nice Cocks

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Aiden James, Vincent DeSalvo – Randy Blue

Porn Stars: Aiden James and Vincent DeSalvo
Videos From: Randy Blue

Aiden James and Vincent DeSalvo get all over each other in a new video from Randy Blue. Aiden is a cool muscular guy while Vincent is hot and naughty like a sex pet. Vincent’s main talent is knowing how to make a man feel good and Aiden loves to demonstates how good it feels by moaning and enjoying every moment. Vincent begins by caressing Aiden’s huge cock and teasing his head with his wet tongue. He loves every inch of Aiden’s shaft, kissing and sucking his erection while working on his shaved balls. After minutes of long and pleasurable sex, Aiden doesn’t leave Vincent’s cock wanting for anything so he starts jerking his huge dick before giving him a blowjob. Vincent sternly guides his head from the tip of his cock all the way down the shaft, fucking his mouth and feeding at the same time. Aiden James is loving every minute of the makeout session, lapping on Vincent DeSalvo’s balls while caressing his toned body. When he is about to cum, he shoots his own huge load all over Vincent’s already cum soaked chest. Watch Aiden and Vincent kissing and sucking their dicks mutually in this raunchy Randy Blue free movie.

Aiden James, Vincent DeSalvo - Randy Blue

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Akio – Pop Boys

Porn Star: Akio
Videos From: Pop Boys

Ben Huller tricked an asian twink, trading a shot in the music industry in exchange for gay butt sex. Akio like other Asian guy has a lovely tight hole waiting to be stabbed with Ben’s huge dick. First, he demonstrated to the music mogul how he will blowjob him by sucking on a big ripe banana. He swirled his tongue around the fruit with enthousiasm before moving to his boner. Trying to be bold to impress the music producer, he gagged on his huge cock until the head tickled his tonsils. Willing to do anything in order to get on stage, the Asian hottie spreaded his round butt cheeks and showed off his asshole, waiting to be penetrated by Ben’s shaft. Ben was more than happy to oblige, so he gave him some proper anal screwing. Akio’s hairless hole was fucked bareback until he moaned. He then bent over the glass table to have his ass violated by Ben’s erected dick. Unfortunaly for Aiko, a lot of fucking will be needed before he sees a stage. Watch Ben Huller’s trick the Asian twink into having gay sex with him for a shot to stardom in this PopBoys free gay porn video.

Akio - PopBoys

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